Allesley School of Dance was founded over 50 years ago and has become a highly respected school with excellent examination results and considerable success in competitions at local and national level. The Allesley School of Dance is dedicated to bringing out the best in every child. Whether the aim is to improve coordination, to gain confidence and grace, to learn the joy of movement or to train for a career in dance — every child is important.

Allesley School of Dance provides opportunities for children of all ages to experience the thrill of performance, the satisfaction of setting goals and achieving them, and to learn the personal disciplines inherent in dance. All classes are conducted by fully qualified and experienced teachers.  Classes are suitable for those children wishing to attend just once a week or equally those dance-mad or especially gifted students who can't stay away! Examinations are always optional. Every child is encouraged to perform in the school show, which is staged to a professional standard.

In addition to regular classes, workshops are held by visiting guest teachers to broaden the curriculum and students are encouraged to attend summer schools and residential courses. June Pughe does recommend that children consider ballet above other subjects as a classical foundation gives a strong base for all dance subjects.

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