"Talent, High Standards & Excellent Results"

The British Ballet Organization looks forward to an exciting future, it is  justly proud of its heritage and will celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2010.  Key to its success has been the gaining of government recognition as  an awarding organization, the quality of its examination syllabus,  teacher training program and the loyalty and high standards achieved by  its teachers, pupils and schools.
The Allesley School, over many years has become one of the most respected schools within our organization. It has developed a well reserved reputation for excellence; this is due to the knowledge, dedication and commitment shown by its Principal, June Pughe assisted by her support staff. Students of all ages are encouraged to share the staff’s enthusiasm and joy of dance and are nurtured in a caring and safe atmosphere. All students have the opportunity to enter BBO examinations in a range of dance styles, gain performance experience, technique and artistry skills through festivals, school presentations, summer schools and a wide variety of courses.
The school is able to call upon highly experienced professional teachers and choreographers from the dance profession to advise and share their knowledge with the students. The school has strong links with vocational training schools, both in ballet and musical theatre. Students are fully prepared for auditions and supported throughout the process of gaining places at vocational dance schools. Over the years many talented students have graduated into the dance profession in this country and abroad.
As Chief Executive of the organization I have watched the school develop over the last 20 years. I have been particularly impressed with the talent that has been produced, the high standards achieved and the excellent examination results,  I therefore have no hesitation in saying that the Allesley School is amongst the finest dancing schools in the private sector in this country.

"A Skillful & Impeccable Foundation"

Laine Theatre Arts have been delighted to welcome Mrs June Pughe's students onto LTA's Vocational Training Course.
The students have been immensely talented and trained by Mrs Pughe with exceptional care and expertise.The Alleseley Dance Academy must be proud to see so many students appearing in important roles in the West End.
It is always a pleasure to audition the students in the knowledge that in their earlier years of training they have received A skilful and impeccable foundation.
- Betty Laine OBE

"Proud Parent thanks Allesley"

"Proud Parent Thanks Allesley"

My daughter Alexis had a BBO scholarship, but having moved to the Midlands I was looking for a new BBO teacher and armed with a list I started making calls. Used as we were, to teachers who were bored, indifferent and unable to see beyond their favourites, we were delighted with the warm welcome we received that sunny Sunday in Allesley.  A room full of happy cheery students and a dance school run by a family.  Those years at Allesley, for both Alexis and me were some of  our happiest ever.  
Alexis was constantly challenged and stretched.  Her teaching was accelerated to match her ability and her strengths were recognised and her perceived weaknesses were corrected and all done with great humour and kindness.  
 Years later and following immediate acceptance to Arts Ed, Alexis has worked constantly since she left and has enjoyed some wonderful shows and roles. As her Mum, my proudest moment came during “Anything Goes” when she stood, centre of the huge arced stage of the Olivier, at the National Theatre - it was just as well we were sitting as my legs turned to jelly!
Obviously, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Allesley School of Dance.

Alexis Owen-Hobbs (right) with Jerry Springer

Just some of the many endorsements from past parents and pupils

‘Thank you so much for encouraging me to be the best at everything I want  to do.’

‘You have definitely brought out the best in my daughter.’

‘What a wonderful evening we had at your dance show. I wondered how many professional shows we could attend for three and half hours and never once wonder what the time was!’

‘In the nine years I have been at Allesley I have been provided with some of the funniest, fondest memories I could ever hope for.’

‘I would never have made it into the Royal Ballet without your brilliant teaching and enthusiasm.’

‘At Allesley children thrive in a nurturing, safe and caring environment where they can make friends for life.’